Primary Science Fair 2018

The children from the senior room have been very busy creating their project for the Primary Science Fair which is being held in Mary Immaculate College on Saturday 20th January. The class project is entitled “How has the Earth Evolved Over Time?”

Since before Christmas, the children have been exploring “How has the Earth Evolved Over Time?” The children are presenting their findings at the Primary Young Scientist Exhibition.

The children will be discussing when the earth was formed, how the earth was formed, the different eras of earth’s history and what the earth looks like from inside. This information will be shown through charts, timelines, pie charts, constructed globes and I.C.T. All of the children in the class put in a huge effort to create this work.

At the exhibition, the children will also have the opportunity the view the other participating schools projects while also taking part in some interactive science lessons at the fair.

We wish Kieran, Seán, Cael, Daniel, J.V., Kaelin, Timothy, Cian, Jack and Liam the very best at the exhibition. Well done also to Mark, Jessica, Chloe, Marie, Zahara, Katelyn and Síofra. The school is very proud of the hard work and effort you have all put in.

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